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Monday, October 12, 2009

Colour Protection for your Jiujitsu Gi.

Protection for your Coloured Gis

This is my first Write up on Gear Protective. Basic Maintaince for your Martial Art Gears are very important. As Protecting them would make sure that they last for a very long time. I am going to write up on protection for your Colour Gis.

Dylon Cold Dye Fix.

I am going to use this on the Gi that i ordered Soon, first i am going to use two packs of this Dylon Cold Dye Fix " WITHOUT ANY COLOUR DYES " to fix the colour of the Jiujitsu Gi. It would fixs and seals the colours in it before any type of washing to be done.

Steps of using the Dylon Cold Dye Fix on the Jiujitsu Gi.


Never use any form of hot water to fix or wash your Gi, it would deterioates that Gi's toughness.

Step 1

Wash the Jiujitsu Gi and Gi pants thoroughly and leave damp.

Step 2

Fill a Bucket or a Pail with enough cold water to cover both the Jiujitsu Gi and Gi pants.

Step 3

Dissolve 125g/4oz of salt and 1 sachet of Cold Dye Fix in hottest tap water, add to a Bucket or a Pail. ( For Black, use 250g/8oz salt and 2 sachets of fix. )

Step 4

Add damp Jiujitsu Gi and let it rest in the mixture for 1 hour (3 hours for Black). Agitate continually for first 10 minutes then occasionally for remainder of time.

Step 5

Rinse in cold water until it runs clear and wash as usual and you are ready to go.*

*However if you feel that you did enough, you could repeat the steps from Step 1 to Step 5.

Top Super Colour.

I am not sure if they sell this type of washing powder in your country but i would suggest reading the labels and instructions before buying a washing powder and washing your Colour Jiujitsu Gis in it. This is so far the best for Regular Washing.

Things to look out for in the Washing Powder is Prevent Colour Fading, Suitable for In-Door Drying, Remove Unpleasant Odour, Remove Tough Stains and No Soaking. This few are actually prefect for your Gi protection. Important for Colour Gis are the Prevent Colour Fading and Suitable for In-Door Drying. As Colour Fading is commom for most colour gis and In-Door Drying is best. As Sunlight has Natural Ultra Violet Rays it bleachs any type of Fabirc for clothing and deterioates any tough piece of Fabric.

If you have other request on Gear protection msn or email me at Benjo80@hotmail.com

If you have better ideas on how to protect the Gi do msn or email me at Benjo80@hotmail.com

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