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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fauzan Zabidi vs Hooman

I still remember back in the day when i first train with Abbas, Fauzan is still not a boxer yet. Within less than 2 years Boxxwarrior Gym had transform him into a good Muay Thai fighter with professional record 8-2.Fauzan is still a college student and he is really a polite and friendly lad. He is one of the boxer who will approach you and speak to you first if you are in the same event he attend. Know more about him in his personal blog by click here(in malay) .This fight took place in Royal Cup of Kedah3 8/5/2009 located in Kulim, Malaysia.

-Hooman from Iran tried to rush Fauzan with massive punches combination but Fauzan stay calm and focus and block all attacks. When Hooman pace is down a bit immediately Fauzan launch an elbow strike and cut Hooman forehead. It is another easy and fast win for Fauzan via TKO.


  1. sorry Yik record saya baru 8fight win6 lost2,itu je..terima kasih banyak2 sebab sudi tulis cerita tentang saya,saya amat menghargainya..say hallo and sawadikap to my good friend in your gym,Daniel Mashamaite..ok good luck.

  2. sorry, salah tulis record kau, sekarang saya sudah betulkan. Haha, hanya Daniel kawan baik kau saja ke?how about me?

  3. awak bukan saja kawan tapi dah macam abang saya..ok

  4. hai Mr Yeo,

    Bila dapat tgk video you lawan dalm gelangang? ada DVD MMA latest lagi?
    Saya x sempat turun training lagi, busy kerja lagi..

  5. Hi Cosmotoit, sabar saja la, bila kau datang gym dapatlah tengok dvd aku tapi bukan dalam ring,hanya di cage. Busy kerja bukan alasan la, kita semua ni pun kerja juga.Anyway saya rasa kau harus datang sekarang sedangkan kita ni ada pro grapler dari negara luar datang sini.Lain kali gunalah nickname yang dapat saya tahu siapa kamu, o.k?


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