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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Short interview with Peyman 'The Warhammer' Shahrokni

The short interview took place in a restaurant where all fighters stayed. It was the next day after his fight with 'Q' EIKKASIT (Boxxwarriors current trainer). Peyman lose by points to Q.

Blogger : Hi, how your day today?you fought well last night!

Peyman : My body feel so damn tire now(fought for 5 rounds). Na.... it was a shitty fight last night. I was totally out of gas when fighting. To be honest, my body not fit to fight last night.

Blogger : Oh yeah, we all saw that both of you seem tire after 3 round. According to Q, he had stop fighting around 3 years! Also he not trained well for this fight because he need to train all Boxxwarriors fighters in this event.

Peyman : Yeah! It was kinda lucky for me, if not i will be in big trouble for sure. Q is a really experience good fighter. i tried all i got to catch him but i missed almost all my strikes. I landed Superman punch, kicks, punchers even i landed some elbows on his face but it seem his experience make him feel nothing even a bruise!(Q is right behind us while the interview, and its real Q face don even have a bruise)And i get a lots of foot jab from him! I was about to give up at round 2.

Blogger : So what make u still keep on fighting?

Peyman : I must thank to my cornerman, he told me go 1 more round, after 3 round he told me go for one more round, and so on.

Blogger : Why don you train more before this fight? Don you worry about knock out by him?

Peyman : I just been inform 2 weeks before this fight and i been spending too much time with my girlfriend. fortunately i trained pretty hard last few months.

At this moment, Big Z Mr Zahari joined in our table. He announced about the Z-1 Muay Thai Championship which Boxxevent will organize in future.

Zahari : Mr Peyman, If you want to fight in Z-1 you have to face good fighters, you have to face Q again!

Peyman: Its good, i want to fight him again.

Blogger : Don u worry to lose again?i think after this fight Q know how to beat you via KO!(joking)

Peyman: Next time i will train hard, and i promise you all next time i will put on a good show. I come to KILL!(LAUGH)

The interview ended here since i have to catch up with Mr.Boxxtomoi magazine crew.

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