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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Goliath Fall!!

Barbod of Iran VS Liam's of Ireland.
-Barbod giving Jonny the killer look.
-They square off before the fight. They were told to fight fair and square and not hit your opponent when he is down.
-Both of them traded some punches. But it seem that Liam won the boxing match. -Now here is how it ended.A powerful knee to the head while Barbod is consider half on the ground.
-Barbod tried to rise but the lowest ring rope held him down.
-The tough guy try to get up but i am sure that knee hurt him too much as his brain is still dizzing that time. -His cornerman came in to help him. -Abbas Ahmadi had to restrain Barbod from wanting to fight further. He was in no way to fight on. His heart still want to fight!
*Pictures and some articles taken from www.boxxtomoi.blogspot.com

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