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Sunday, February 8, 2009


Day 1 (7Feb 2009)

1) Firdaus Janai (BoxxWarriors) beat Stevan Ban TNT/MMATC TEAM KO (KO 4th round)
2) Iddi Selindang Kuning (BoxxWarriors) lost to Jeri Jusoh (Malaysian Tigers) - (points)
3) Tengku Sharizal (Kuda Merah, PDRM) beat Hamdan Mokhtar (Malaysian Tigers) - (KO 5th round.)
4) Barbod (Iran) vs Karim Geliga Merah (Terengganu )- ( TKO 4th round)
5) Akhbar Hnafi (Boxx Warriors) beat Kenneth Carter (USA) - (TKO 4th round)
6) Vladimir Konsky(Slovakia) lost to Champert Chosipaset (Thailand) - (points)

Day 2 (8 Feb 2009)
1) Alex Lim (TNT/MMATC/TEAM KO) LOST TO JOHER HISSUEIN (SENEGAL) - (BY POINTS) (NOTE: Alex's left forearm one bone totally broken -not fracture -from x-ray result.It happened in round 2.)
2) Aik Salsaloon (Thailand) beat Che Pol m150 (Kelantan)
3) Falicit Sor Pekdam lost to Awie M150 (Kelantan) - (ko 2nd round)
4) Abbas BoxxWarrior lost to Faizal Ramli (Malaysian Tigers) - (points) ( Note :Abbas, 2nd fight in KL, lost both, 1st lost to a Malaysian- KL not his good fighting ground)
5) Chaowalit BoxxWarriors beat Seethanonchai sor Chitlada (TKO 1st round)
6) Fauzan Zabidi BoxxWarriors lost to Mathias Galocassarino (Italy) - (TKO round 3)

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