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课程 Classes

我們提供的課,       Classes we offer

拳击                       Boxing

泰拳                       Muay Thai 

健身                       Gym Workout

关节技                   Submission Grappling

综合格斗               Mixed Martial Arts

练私人训               Personal Training

小孩防身术           Kids Self Defense

Special Class= Spartan fight class, Gracie Combatatives(gracie garage)
Kettle Bells workout.

网上商店 Martial Arts Online Store


Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Gym sells TWINS Equipment & fight at a very reasonable price

Top King pro MMA glove(with design) RM 250

Twins boxing glove RM 180-205

Twins Fancy glove RM 250

Double layer mouth guard RM30

7 Feet Leather Muay Thai Heavy Bag

RM 750 (Free shipping in Malaysia & Singapore)And others trainning gear!!!E-mail for more info and photo.

P/S: Paypal and Western Union are accepted, free shipping if you spend above RM1000(local)/oversea spend 500 USD get free shipping.